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معلومات عن eng.hossam
Hossam Mostafa Eid Mohammed
Home Phone: (+202) 29160634 Mobile: +2(010) 4607950
Address:8 Soliman Badr STR - El Maadi - Cairo, Egypt
Email: Eng.Hossam7@Yahoo.Com
 Qualification -:
 Bachelor degree in Quality Control 2009.
 - Academy of specialized studies.
 Diploma in statistical control and quality assurance 2011 .
 - Institute of Statistical Studies and Research - Cairo University .
 Valuations:-
 Graduation project: very good.
 Last year: very good.
 Accumulative: good.
 Computer skills -:
 1-Soildworks2010. 2- Auto cad 2D&3D 3- M.S. word. 4- M.S. Excel. 5- Minitab15.
 Languages -:
 Arabic : Native language.
 English : Good.
 Training:-
 Internal Audit of ISO 9001:2008.
 Internal Audit of OHSAS 18001:2007.
 Internal Audit of ISO 14001:2004.
 Session Of The First And Second Level In The Work Of Turning Machines.
 Training Machines CNC Lathe + Milling M/C.
 Training Factory Helwan Fertilizers.
 Job experiences:-
1- FINE STEEL Company
(Company is feeding for home appliances, aire condition and stove)
(main job is quality control engineer, Drawing the technical drawings of the factory products by AutoCAD.). From 1st of june 2010 to jul2011 -
The company work in field sheet metal for some parts are feeding for aire condition
and stove(customers is union aire) by pass sheet metal for manufacturing stages (shearing, presses, bending, welding and painting).
 Personal Information:-
 Date of Birth: 27/03/1988. *Marital Status: Single.
 Religion: Muslim. * Nationality: Egyptian.
Military Service: postponed.
 Others:- -Member of the Egyptian Society for Quality.
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